Monday, September 9, 2013



Topic                          : People around me
Theme                        : World of knowledge
Year                           : 3 Gemilang
Focus                         : Listening and speaking
Content standard         : 1.1 by the end of 6 year primary schooling, pupils                will be able     to pronounce words and speak                      confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and                    intonation.
Learning standard        : 1.1.4 able to talk a stimulus with guidance
Objectives                  : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
             1.    Recognize people around them
             2.    Explain the job of the people around them
Time                          : 30 minutes
Teaching aids              : video, 3D model and worksheet
Previous knowledge      : They learn about their family member and people                                         around them


Teaching and learning strategies


1.    Teacher asks pupils about what they had learn yesterday.
2.    Teacher introduce today’s topic

Memorization or accuracy test

Listening skill


3.    Teacher shows 3D model about people around them such as policeman and fireman.
4.    They need to tell teacher other occupation contain in 3D model.

Speaking skill


3D model

5.    Teacher gives pupils the opportunities to look closer and play with 3D model.

6.    Pupils were asked to listen to a song about occupation such as tailor. Teacher sings together with them.
7.    This song also tells about the work’s scope of the occupation.



8.    Pupils were asked to list down occupation contain in the songs and tell the class.

Integrated skill

Exercise book

9.    Pupils need to listen to teacher’s story and they need to fill in the blank with correct answer.

Listening skill

Appendix 1



Good morning Mr. Amir and friends. I am Iskandar. Today I am going to tell you about my family.
My father is a policeman. He works at Dang Wangi Police Station. My mother is a doctor. She works at Prince Court Medical Center. My grandfather is a carpenter. He makes and repair furnitures. My grandmother is a tailor. She sews clothes.
My aunt is a nurse. She helps special children. Sometimes, she teaches them to read. My uncle is a writer. He writes poems and stories. Sometimes, he and my mother help my aunt. They teach them how to read.
Thank you.

Answer correctly.
   1.    What is his father’s occupation?
   2.    Where is his mother works?
   3.    What is his aunt’s occupation?
  4.    Who works as a tailor?
  5.    What is his uncle does?

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